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"You can start a blog in just a few seconds using Hashnode and then you can move that to your own domain if you get one later. They will even help distribute your articles on their platform. By far the best place to create a blog, imho."

Quincy Larson,
Founder, freeCodeCamp

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What? 👀

Hashnode is a free developer blogging platform that allows you to publish articles on your own domain and helps you stay connected with a global developer community.

Why? 😍

This gives you a huge advantage: Google and other search engines send traffic directly to your domain, and Hashnode community members discover your articles on their feed.

Content Ownership.
No Ads. No Paywall. No kidding.

Blog on your personal domain

Map your custom domain in just seconds via our free CNAME pointing feature. Serve your blog over HTTPS with no extra configuration.

Get a high performance, secure, and fully-optimized blog that delights your readers.

Instantly find your audience

Every time you write an article, Hashnode publishes it on your domain and shares it with the community members on the homepage. The readers are directed to your website to read and interact with your content.

No annoying pop-ups/ads

Knowledge sharing on Hashnode is and will always be completely free.

Because we value the relationship between you and your readers, we won’t show ads or pop-ups on your articles.

"It's amazing to see how fast devs go from 0 to Blog under a domain they own on Hashnode 🤯. It reminds me a lot of what Substack did for journalists"

Guillermo Rauch,
CEO at Vercel.

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Features that will make your blogging 10x better

Automatic GitHub Backup

Write in Markdown

Superfast Next.js Powered Blogs

Blog on a Custom Domain

Own your data

Edge Caching with SSL

Customise Design using CSS

Free built-in newsletter service

Built-in Analytics

Article Series


HTTPS by default

"Just started out on Hashnode about 1 month ago, and I'm already at 14,000 page views. Really impressed with how much visibility I've gotten there!"

James Q Quick,
Senior Developer Advocate at Auth0

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Don't just take our word for it,
trust the community!

"I wanted to use my own domain with Hashnode and was prepared for all the hassle…and then - literally just one click and it was done! So easy, so convenient. Go Hashnode!"

Simon Holdorf,
Full-Stack Engineer at SAP, Cloud Advocate - AWS Certified

"100 days ago, I published my first blog post on a new and unfamiliar platform called Hashnode. Today, publishing articles on Hashnode is a routine, a hobby, a great joy."

Victoria Lo,
Solutions Engineer at PayPal

"Hashnode is super developer-friendly. I like it much better than Medium. Being able to write blogs solely using markdown and auto backup with GitHub is awesome! Goodbye, Medium."

Qiusheng Wu,
Assistant Professor at the University of Tennessee

"I am killing the blog off my personal site and going full on Hashnode.
Reasons: - Personal Domain - Free Analytics - Free Newsletter - SEO built in - Constantly pushing new features - Community is amazing!"

Corey O'Donnell,
Software Engineer at

"I’ve decided to make a huge leap and migrate my blog to Hashnode ! I’m really impressed with what they’ve accomplished in this short amount of time! I’m happy to join this community and I can’t wait to share more of my learnings on AWS with you!"

Danny Steenman,
AWS Cloud Consultant & AWS APN Ambassador at CloudNation

"After using Gastby, Ghost, Jekyll and Wordpress I'm going to use Hashnode, I wished to have known this amazing project months ago."

Rafael Corrêa Gomes,
Tecnology Director at Le Site

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