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⌘ cmd + k is now on Hashnode!

Posted by Fazle Rahman

Developers, here's a special Christmas gift 🎁 from the Hashnode team! We're thrilled to announce the launch of support for the cmd + k shortcut (ctrl + k for Windows users) on Hashnode, starting today. You can now navigate all key sections of Hashnode without using a mouse.

This shortcut is functional on every screen within Hashnode. Give it a try and let us know what you think.

01 Dec 2023

Launch of the new Hashnode

Introducing Hashnode Recommendations

Posted by Sandeep Panda

Today we are excited to announce the launch of "Hashnode Recommendations". Recommendations help you give a shout-out to your favourite Hashnode authors, promote each other and generate more SEO value.

Here's how it works:

Step 1

Go to your blog dashboard, and navigate to recommendations tab. You can search for your favourite authors and recommend them. You can recommend up to 5 writers.

You can also view other writers who recommend you by switching to "Recommended By" tab.

Step 2

Hashnode automatically generates a recommendations page for your blog and links to it from your footer so that it helps with SEO.

Grab your autogenerated recommendations page, and request the authors to recommend you as well so that you can promote each other and grow together.

Step 3

Sit back and relax! When you recommend authors, every time your readers follow you we nudge them to follow other writers you recommend. This creates a network effect, and helps your favourite writers build a follower base.

We hope you'll enjoy using this feature and build an amazing network of tech writers!

21 Nov 2023


Discussions β€”sparking deeper conversations on Hashnode, and more!

Posted by Fazle Rahman

Hey Hashnoders!

We're back with more updates! Our team has been hard at work to bring you enhancements that not only improve your writing experience but also enrich your engagement within the Hashnode community. Here's the scoop on the latest additions:

Introducing Discussions! πŸ’¬

Hashnode is taking community interaction to the next level with the launch of Discussions. This feature brings the most engaging articles and topics right to your fingertips.

You'll now find a dedicated section that surfaces top articles with most insightful comments across the platform. This makes it effortless to jump in, connect with your favorite authors, and engage in meaningful conversations.

πŸ” Discover high-impact articles

Ever wonder which articles are sparking the best discussions? We've got you covered. Our Discussions feature highlights articles that are generating the most compelling and thought-provoking conversations.

πŸ‘₯ Your voice matters

Join discussions and share your thoughts with the community. Being an insightful community member not only enriches the conversation but also helps you build credibility within the Hashnode ecosystem.

πŸ† Celebrating top commenters

We value active and insightful community engagement. That's why we're introducing a new section on the homepage to recognize top commenters. Your contributions won't go unnoticed!

πŸ—¨οΈ Dive into Discussions

Misc bug fixes and enhancements

  • We've fine-tuned the algorithm for your personalized feed, making it even more tailored to your interests 😊

  • A subtle facelift to the Rix UI to enhance user experience.

  • We made some design updates to the login / sign up page to give it a modern look

  • The blog Sign in/Sign up modal has a fresh new look, designed for ease of use.

  • Fixed the experience when you update a blog post and were previously redirected to the published view. Now you can update multiple posts to your heart's content without being pulled away

  • When hitting Cmd/Ctrl+S in the editor to save (you don’t need to, since everything is saved automatically), we now prevent the annoying browser up from showing up, and just reminding you that the draft is saved

  • Fixed a bug where scheduled drafts were not being published but were removed from the scheduled list, leaving them stuck. Also addressed an issue where scheduled drafts were published twice.

  • Resolved an issue where the Chat UI on Rix was hidden upon page load.

As always, your feedback is the driving force behind our updates. We're constantly striving to make Hashnode your preferred platform for sharing ideas and building connections.

More updates are on the horizon, so stay tuned! Don't forget to connect with our team on Discord and Twitter. Happy blogging, Hashnoders!

β€” Fazle, CEO & Co-founder, Hashnode

28 Sep 2023


Revamped personalized feed, Better recommendations, Natural language scheduling, and more!

Posted by Fazle Rahman

Hello Hashnoders!

We're thrilled to bring you another round of updates that reflect the feedback you've generously provided. This new release focuses on hyper-personalization, efficiency, and, as always, stability improvements. Let's dive in to see what's new.

1. Revamped Personalized Feed

Based on your invaluable input and successful beta testing, we've rebuilt the personalized feed from scratch. It now brings content closer to your interests, offering a genuinely personalized experience. The early adopters among you have been overwhelmingly positive about this change, and we're excited for everyone else to experience it.

hashnode's personalized feed

🌱 Check out your new feed

Continuing our mission for personalization, we're elevating your experience by suggesting tags and blogs based on your specific interests. The idea is to make content discovery easier and more aligned with what you actually want to read or learn about.

recommended blogs and tags on hashnode

πŸ“š Explore recommended tags and blogs

3. Natural Language Calendar Scheduler

In an effort to streamline your post scheduling process, we've added a natural language widget. We've also revamped the date/time picker to make the whole experience more intuitive and efficient.

natural language scheduler on hashnode

πŸ“… Schedule your posts easily

4. Publish from GitHub: Now Live for Pro Users

We're pleased to announce that our Publish from GitHub feature has moved from beta to live for all Pro users. Manage your markdown files in GitHub and effortlessly publish them to your Hashnode blog.

publish from github on hashnode

πŸ”„ Start publishing from GitHub

5. Misc Bug Fixes

  • Solved the issue where users could create accounts without usernames.

  • Replaced the "Edit embed" icon with a pencil icon for a more intuitive UI.

  • Corrected the issue where the profile page was not getting refreshed after visiting another user's profile page.

  • Fixed the recommendation system to eliminate publications with null authors.

That's it for this update! We're back to our drawing board, eagerly crafting future improvements. As always, we'd love to hear from you. Connect with us on Discord and Twitter. Happy blogging, Hashnoders!

β€” Fazle, CEO & Co-founder, Hashnode

30 Aug 2023