Hashnode is a free Ghost Alternative Blog for Developers

Designed with developers in mind, Hashnode is a platform used by thousands of developers to create a personal blog mapped to their personal domain for free, own their content, and stay connected with a global developer community.

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Hashnode is a free, developer-focused Ghost Alternative with unmatchable features.

Blog on your domain
Custom domain
Yes, and it’s for free!
Only available for paid plans
Blog appearance and customization
Custom CSS
Hashnode allows bloggers to customize the look and feel using Custom CSS.
Limited customization. Only available for paid plans.
Free forever for independent bloggers.
Paid, pay monthly subscription free.
In-build Dev Community
Your articles are easily accessible by over a million software developers and growing.
Ghost doesn’t have a dev community, and you need to invest in figuring out how to reach your audience
Automatic GitHub Backup
Your articles are automatically backed up on GitHub in markdown format.
Ghost doesn’t support automatic GitHub backup but it supports server backups for paid plans.
Embed Third-Party Widgets
Non-standard iframes inside articles. Eg: Mailchimp Newsletter Form
Manually add HTML code snippets to every article.
Draft Sharing
Custom page rules for creating customized URLs or redirects
Eg: domain.com/myyoutube
Articles Series
Not an in-built feature
Free In-built Newsletter
Available for premium subscribers only.

Focus on creating content, while we take care of every other thing for you free of charge.

With Hashnode, you can set up your blog within 2 minutes, and it is highly customizable. We also host your blog for free, and provide you with quick and reliable customer support!

On the other hand, Ghost is free only if you host yourself. That means you have to pay for hosting and fix the issues yourself.

If you want to truly blog for free and not worry about fixing issues, choose Hashnode!

Build your tech readership from day one!

Hashnode is a community for developers, whereas Ghost is for everyone. So, when you publish a piece of content on your Hashnode blog, it goes directly to the feeds of thousands of developers and tech enthusiasts in our global community, giving you extra visibility and readership from day one!

Ok, I’m ready. How do I make the switch?

If you’re already on Ghost, we’ve made it easier for you to switch.

All you need to do is create an account on Hashnode and import all your articles using our "Bulk Importer" feature on your Hashnode Blog's dashboard.

Don't just take our word for it, trust the community!

Create your blog

It’s free & takes less than 2 minutes.
Join the community of over a million active developers.